Non-Conventional Ways to Use a Skip Bin

Non-Conventional Ways to Use a Skip Bin
February 12, 2020 Hire Skip Bin, skip bins, Tips

Skip bins are hired for rubbish removal, or to remove old furniture from your property. But Pinterest tells you that you could upcycle furniture into something better. What if I told you that even skip bins are now widely used for other purposes other than rubbish removal?

People nowadays have fun and creative ways to use these skip bins. You may wonder why you’ve never thought about it. Here are non-conventional ways to use your Skip Bin.

·         Flower Box and Urban Gardens

They say that planting could reduce the impact of humans to the environment. However, land in urban cities is usually covered with cement. Using skip bins, planting is possible wherever you are. Just get some earth to fill the bin, and plant your seeds. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a small or large skip bin. You can start your new hobby, colour your environment, and give back to mother Earth in no time.

Non-Conventional Ways to Use a Skip Bin -

·         Swimming Pools/Hot Tubs

Nowadays, people can use skip bins not just for waste removal but also for beating the heat. The size of dumpsters is adequate to accommodate at least three people. Put that number in a swimming pool or Jacuzzi and it’s a party! The internet has a glut of suggestions on how to turn a of skip bin into a super cool swimming pool, with slides, on a lift, or even one with a bar. The possibilities are endless.

Instead of digging up your backyard, you can have a mobile pool or Jacuzzi complete with lights and heaters. How cool would it be to have a 10m3 skip bin pool in your backyard and have all your friends over?

Non-Conventional Ways to Use a Skip Bin -

·         Toilet

When nature calls, one must answer. Constructing a loo doesn’t require a lot of space and public demand for public restrooms remain consistent. It’s a good investment for anyone who owns a public space to make it convenient for paying customers or visitors. It’s cheap and it saves your old skip bin from going to the tip.

Non-Conventional Ways to Use a Skip Bin -

·         Art Gallery

It’s not new that trash could be turned into art. But skip bins to house an art gallery? Now that’s new! Artist Mac Premo proved that we could level up the possibilities of the materials we use for art. His artistic nature didn’t just prove itself on paper, but also practically. He turned a 27-metre skip bin into an Art Gallery that houses over five hundred pieces of art.

It’s not just an art gallery; it’s a mobile art gallery. So if you feel artistic and you don’t feel like settling, turn a skip bin into an art gallery. Yours could just be the next masterpiece.

Non-Conventional Ways to Use a Skip Bin -

·         House

Shelter is a basic human need. Houses are also a symbol of home, of belonging. This is why people work their hats off to own one. However, houses are also one of the most expensive investments that you will make in your lifetime.

If you are a young professional , or a couple, a tiny house could be all you need. Instead of living in small spaces such as a condo in a city, why not convert your skip bin into a home. It has been done before!

Non-Conventional Ways to Use a Skip Bin -

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Most people who reuse their skip bins are concerned with the environment and recycling. They could practically turn trash into just about anything to reduce the amount of waste reaching our landfills.

Now, when you hear other people say that skip bins are only for your trash, give them this link. Who knows, you could be adding the next innovation that we could add to this list. For the meantime, keep your trash in our skip bins. Contact Skip The Tip today to book a skip bin hire!

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