Kitchen Renovation Skip Bins

Things to Consider When Doing a Kitchen Renovation

Are you planning to give your kitchen a makeover? Here are some things to keep in mind.

Amount of Tiles

Tiles and bricks can be deceiving. On their own, they don’t weigh a lot. But the weight adds up quickly in large quantities. That’s why sometimes, it works out to be more effective to hire 2 instead of 1 Skip the Tip bins.

Some tile items like toilets and lavatories can be recycled easily. All of the weight is included with bins containing these products. Our smallest Skip the Tip bin (2m3) can weigh more than 2 tonnes when full.

- Skip the Tip
asbestos wall

Asbestos is a popular product before the 1990s. This insulation material is often used in bathrooms and kitchens. Because asbestos is hazardous, it can’t go into a general waste bin. Use a dedicated asbestos skip bin with specific loading guidelines.


You don’t need any special loading instructions with glass products. You can put glass directly in your Skip the Tip bin.

glass skip bin
2m3 skip bin
Bin Size

Your Skip the Tip bins can’t have items that exceed the rim. So, carefully consider the products you are disposing (i.e shower screens, bench tops, etc.) when choosing your bin size.

Heavy Items

Skip the Tip bins that are 4mand above are ideal for heavy items. They have drop down tail gates which allow you to walk straight into the bin and load your heavy items easily.

10M3 hooklift