How Can Kids Help to Reduce E-waste?

March 12, 2020 E-waste, Cleaning up, Recycling, Tips

Children, teenagers, and twenty-something’s have not known a life without technology. You can argue that technology and electronic devices are an integral part of their existence since they have grown up being surrounded by a technology-driven environment. Being exposed to something from an early age predisposes you to embrace it and make it a natural […]

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Surprising Things That Are NOT Recyclable

Recycling is an excellent alternative to traditional waste disposal, and in turn can reduce land, water, and air pollution. Instead of burning or piling our rubbish into landfills, recycling is an excellent way to reduce our overall waste production. Because a lot of products are made out of multiple material types, sorting and identifying them […]

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E-Waste and Electronics Recycling

The technological era has made it possible for people to use electronic devices to improve their lives. The worldwide market has an increasingly steady demand for gadgets, making the electronics industry a flourishing field of this generation. However, along with more electronic devices comes e-waste that needs proper disposal. Unfortunately, e-waste disposal is not as […]

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Did You Know Mattresses are Recyclable?

July 29, 2018 Recycling

A typical mattress is usually a 23-cubic foot assembly of cotton, polyurethane foam, steel, and wood. They are made to last for a really long time. With these materials, it’s actually quite difficult to recycle mattresses. It may not be as obvious but this contributes to environmental waste. That is why some waste removal companies […]

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Top 10 Difficult to Recycle Household Items

April 11, 2018 Recycling

During these modern times, we are faced with the growing problem of waste and how to get rid of it or manage it. More and more items are being produced, adding to the rubbish which ends up cluttering our streets and filling our landfills. Ideally, we would like to recycle or reuse the things we […]

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10 Negative Effects of Improper Rubbish Removal

February 15, 2018 Cleaning up, Recycling

Every household in Newcastle deals with rubbish on a daily basis. Many families use skip bins, their local recycling centres, and waste removal services to dispose of their waste. From simple household rubbish to the commercial waste of businesses, proper removal of rubbish matters. However, there are still those who choose to dispose of their […]

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Australian Recycling Facts You Should Know

September 18, 2017 Recycling

Recycling is a method of resource recovery involving the collection and processing of waste for use as a raw material in the manufacture of the same or similar non-waste product. The process of recycling includes the following: – collection and transportation of recyclable materials; – sorting of collected materials; – consolidation and transfer of materials, […]

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Recycling at Work

February 24, 2017 Recycling

Recycling at work may not be something you have ever considered. Or if you have, maybe you brushed it off as too difficult and time-consuming. Here at Skip the Tip, we understand how difficult it is to keep your negative environmental impact at a minimum. But we have the tips on recycling at work that […]

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