Best Questions to Ask When Choosing Your Hooklift

Best Questions to Ask When Choosing Your Hooklift
January 29, 2019 Hooklifts

A hooklift is a truck that features a hydraulic hoist system on the back. It provides an easier way to haul and dump items from containers like skip bins. It’s also quite flexible in that it can haul many containers by making use of a trailer. In some cases, it can pick up bins in tight spaces without the need for cables that can potentially break.

You’ll need a hooklift if you’re working on construction, waste management, or recycling. However, buying a truck can be expensive and impractical if the volume you need to haul doesn’t justify the purchase. Fortunately, there are many Newcastle skip rental companies that also offer hooklift services.

Before you consider booking one, below are some of the best questions to ask when choosing hooklifts:

Best Questions to Ask When Choosing Your Hooklift - Hooklift

1. What type of work conditions do you encounter every day?

Evaluate your day-to-day operations with regard to what you want to accomplish with the hooklift. If the work is routine or repetitive, then you won’t need a hooklift with more power. For variety of uses, however, getting a hooklift with the right features will impact the outcome of the job.

Best Questions to Ask When Choosing Your Hooklift - Hooklift

2. What’s the scope of the job that will need the hooklift?

Define the style of hooklift you’re looking for according to the specific scope of the job. This way it will be easier to identify the size, power, and features of the hooklift that will give the most benefits.

Some jobs might require many changes in your daily operation, while other jobs could largely involve a lot of tipping and lowering. For example, if you’ll use the hooklift for pouring materials like soil and gravel frequently, then you’ll need one with a high-speed feature to perform this repetitive task efficiently.

Best Questions to Ask When Choosing Your Hooklift - Hooklift

3. What demountable bodies do you have to haul?

Determine the type of truck bodies you’ll be working with. In waste removal, for instance, will you have a container, a skip bin, or a tanker? The height and weight of these demountable bodies will affect the performance of the hooklift since it must be fitted with the right type and length of hoist. Naturally, the more height or weight it bears, the more a powerful and bigger the hooklift can carry per payload trip.

Best Questions to Ask When Choosing Your Hooklift - Hooklift

4. Do you need a sliding or a tilting hooklift movement?

Hooklifts have the capacity to slide, tilt, or do a combination of both. If you’re working in low-headroom areas, then you should choose one that can be the most versatile. There are also different control systems for this machine. Some hooklifts are fitted with smart technology that might cost more than traditional pneumatic mechanisms. What works for you will depend on the job scope, your budget, and whether you’re comfortable handling the mechanisms of the hooklift.

Best Questions to Ask When Choosing Your Hooklift - Hooklift

5. How much fuel does the hooklift consume?

Powerful and full-featured hooklifts burn a lot of fuel that adds to your operating cost. Consequently, you’ll also have to consider the emission and environmental cost each time the hooklifts are used. If these factors are important to your business, it will greatly influence your decision on what hooklift you’ll need for the job.

Best Questions to Ask When Choosing Your Hooklift - Hooklift

6. Are there safety elements included in the hooklift?

Does the hooklift have safety locks, latches, or stabilisers? Is there are a functional alert system in place? Safety in using hooklifts must never be disregarded and this should be a critical aspect in making your choice. Similarly, you also have to ascertain that if the hooklift must undergo regular services and inspections. This is also important because you don’t want your jobs to be stalled by downtime when the hooklift has problems with its operation.

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These questions will help you plan the job you’ll need to complete to the last detail, as well as properly set a budget. If you need help on acquiring a hooklift in the Newcastle area, contact Skip The Tip to discuss what you’re looking for.

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